A resource for professionals and carers of people with eating disorders

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Who is the website aimed at?

How do I use this website?

My son is very ill with an extremely low BMI. Should equipping myself with skills be a priority right now?

What's the difference between the Maudsley model and New Maudsley model?

What evidence is there that the New Maudsley approach is effective?

Isn't this all just a cost-saving exercise on the part of the NHS?

There seems to be a lot of information within this website. Can this not actually add to the stress felt by carers?

This way of talking to each other does not feel natural. My daughter with the eating disorder agrees with me. How we make it work when we both feel like this?

I feel like I'm the one who is being blamed for all of this, particularly...the onus seems to be on us to change. Shouldn't any intervention be aimed at tackling change in the person with the eating disorder?